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Selling your home can be very time consuming and confusing. The Space Company real estate professionals can help answer your questions and help you with the sales process.

Remember what first attracted you to your house when you bought it? Now that you’re ready to sell your house, try to look at it once again with fresh eyes.

It’s time to take that vision and accentuate the positive to make a great first impression on potential buyers. Make them excited about finding a house that looks and feels well cared for. By preparing your home, you'll save time selling it.

It's not just the way your house looks, but how it feels and smells, and what goes through their mind when they imagine bringing their friends over for a visit.

Plan Ahead

Create a plan to sharpen up your property. Start a notebook for your project. Make a list of what needs to be done. How will your house look to people driving by or walking through your door? What needs fixing, painting, cleaning? What can you improve? Whether you paint your house or clean up the yard, it doesn’t have to be costly. Remember, those little problems you've learned to live with could discourage buyers. Here’s some ideas that may help:


Buyers expect a spotless house, inside and out. Clean everything, especially your windows and windowsills. Scrub walls and floors, tile and ceilings, cupboards and drawers. Have a friend use the “white glove” test to be sure you caught everything.

Remove Clutter

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People are turned off by rooms that look cluttered. Buyers are buying your house, not your furniture, so get rid of that favorite old broken down recliner. Make your rooms feel large, light, and airy. As you clean, pack your personal items, and get rid of surplus books, magazines, rugs, blankets, etc. Rent a storage unit to eliminate clutter in your garage and attic.

It's hard to get rid of possessions, but cleaning and clearing out the clutter can really pay off. And, it gets you started packing for your next move. Make your garage as neat as the rest of your house. Simple little items like storing your tools and rolling up your garden hose suggest that you take good care of your house. Show no mercy!


It sounds too simple, but a new coat of paint cleans up your house and makes it look bright and new. To make rooms look larger, choose light, neutral colors.

Repairs and Renovations

It's best to avoid making major renovations just to sell the house since you probably won’t recover those costs when you sell. Make minor repairs such as leaky faucets, slow drains, torn screens, and broken windows.

Leaks and Moisture

If you've fixed a water problem, repair the damage and disclose in writing to the buyer what repairs were made.


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Curb Appeal
The "Wow" factor is crucial. To determine your property's curb appeal, drive through your neighborhood and look at other properties, then approach your own house as if you were a buyer. How does it look? Will it attract buyers? Note what needs improving. Little things show that you've cared for your home and you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.


If paint is peeling or blistering, your house needs some attention. A newly painted or stained exterior will help sell your house faster. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone, you'll increase your home's value.


Grab attention with your yard and landscaping. If your house looks inviting from the street, people will imagine that it looks good on the inside, too.

  • Prune bushes and hedges.
  • Make your lawn look healthy and green.
  • Clean up pet mess.
  • Weed your gardens, add fertilizer, and plant colorful flowers.
  • Stack firewood, clean out birdbaths, repair and paint fences.

The Front Door

An attractive entry says "Welcome", so highlight your front door with decorative touches, such as a wreath or new flowers around the steps. Even better, clean and paint your front door, or replace it with a new one for a few hundred dollars. Don't forget to fix and polish doorknobs, and put out that new welcome mat.

Ready to begin the home selling process? The Space Company has almost 30 years in the real estate industry. We understand the Charleston area and market conditions. Your goals are at the center of our selling process. Please contact us today.

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